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Internship Program at CMFC

Additional Education

Our internship is an eight-month program including classroom education, independent projects, and hands-on learning.  We draw on our expertise in plant propagation, tree fruit production, viticulture, market development, and vegetable production to give interns a rigorous experience to prepare them to be farm owners, key farm employees or entrepreneurs and professionals involved in the agricultural industry or advocacy.

Interns join staff to accomplish the tasks of a working farm for four days of the five they are asked to be present at the farm per week. One day each week is dedicated completely to intern education including field trips, workshops, and lectures. In addition to these educational experiences, interns can expect to commit 3 to 6 hours a week to some homework and a full reading program to be completed on their own, in time with the curriculum.  The balance of work and education shifts throughout the season as interns gain more knowledge with which to accomplish the growing demands of the farm.

Successful candidates have the ability to take responsibility, be accountable, think clearly, act decisively, have a positive attitude and get along well with others. Common skills and traits also include self-knowledge of goals and life direction, enjoying being outside and doing physical work, good health, and the ability to make and keep commitments.

Interns pay tuition and are paid the equivalent of a minimum wage thirty-two hour work week.  Scholarships and some housing are available.  Interested candidates can request an application via email at info@cloudmountainfarmcenter.org.

About CMFC: As a non-profit, agricultural education organization, Cloud Mountain Farm Center is a working farm, with rich learning opportunities for beginning and experienced farmers and gardeners. We offer paid internships for those wanting to learn the business of farming, and many learning opportunities for gardeners wanting to expand their knowledge. For decades we've run trials of fruit, ornamental, and, more recently, vegetable plants for suitability to Northwest gardens and farms. We also test growing systems to extend the seasons and push the boundaries of the possibilities for growing in our maritime climate.