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Seeking an Executive Director to Join Our Team

We are looking for a dynamic leader who is passionate about agricultural research, empowerment, and the economic sustainability of diversified agriculture in Northwestern Washington. The Executive Director will be responsible for setting and managing a yearly budget,...

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Native Plants for Your Landscape

By Layla Dunlap, CMFC Nursery Manager   As I look out over Cloud Mountain Farm Center’s Nursery from our office window, I see brilliant colors starting to pop-up as spring slowly arrives. It gets me excited about warmer weather, hiking season, and botanizing....

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Root stock, defined

"What the heck is a rootstock? ". It is not uncommon for us to hear this from our customers buying fruit trees. Deciding which rootstock to use is one of the complexities of planting fruit trees. In simple terms, fruit trees are produced by joining a variety of fruit,...

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Spring Soil Preparation

These last weeks of March, as winter begins to loosen its heavy grip, many of us get excited to get early ground turned in preparation for peas, oats, and anything else we thing we might get to survive the remaining spring awakening in the still cold, 42°F soils....

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Anticipating Transition at the Center

A New Executive Director At Cloud Mountain, we are used to change. Much of agriculture is about being attuned to the seasonal changes of plants, weather, and ecosystems. One might go so far as to argue that success in agriculture depends on the ability to anticipate...

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Timing Delayed Dormant Sprays

Fruit trees are interesting plants to grow. Humans have been selecting for better fruit for centuries, and in the process, some of the natural resistance to pests and diseases have been lost. A further challenge is our mild rainy climate, which is perfect for fungal...

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Renovating an Older Apple Tree

There are many century old apple orchards scattered around Puget Sound. The San Juan Islands had over 10,000 acres in tree fruits in 1900. Whatcom County had somewhere around 5000 acres that were apples, some pie cherries and plums. There were two packing plants, the...

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Peach Leaf Curl

Peach Leaf curl is caused by the fungus Taphrina deformans. The spores of the fungus lodge in the bud scales of peach and nectarine trees in the summer, overwintering there until the tree begins to break dormancy. At that time, the new leaf tissues are infected,...

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Winter Continues

It has been 8 years or more since we've seen a winter like the one we're having now. Here in the Pacific Northwest, long extended cold periods and snow are rare. And it doesn't look like we're going to warm up anytime soon, according to the Climate Prediction Center....

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Internship 2016 Reflections

We were just reflecting on the internship season we’ve just finished and thought we’d share one of our favorite memories: In week 28 of 35 we are in the heat of summer, interns have drafted most pieces of a business plan, been through most of the heavy technical...

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Inside the Internship: Sean McWay

By Sarah Miller Last month I spoke with intern Sean McWay, a Missouri native, about his time at Cloud Mountain Farm Center.  Sean is drawn to the joys of being outside, working with his hands, and the scientific inquiry farming can provide.  This is an unsurprising...

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The Best Time To Plant

I wanted to expand on my last post about summer planting. A more general question we get in the nursery at Cloud Mountain is "when is the best time to plant?" In our maritime climate, you can plant almost any time of year. But as I discussed in the last post, summer...

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