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Summer Planting

We're often asked by customers if they can plant this time of year, or should they wait for fall. The simple answer- you can plant if you can water. Having said that, it is best not to plant during a real heat wave, when daytime temperatures are in the mid-80's or...

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Inside the Incubator: Slanted Sun Farm

By Sarah Miller, Cloud Mountain Farm Center Intern Recently I had the pleasure to speak with Anna Morris of Slanted Sun Farm about her experience as an Incubator Farmer at Cloud Mountain Farm Center. The Incubator Farm Program is dedicated to maintaining and improving...

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Multi-variety fruit trees and other musings

It sounds great, doesn't it? 4 or 5 varieties of apple, all on one tree! Both pie and sweet cherries on one tree! How about plums and peaches together-an on-the-tree fruit cocktail! No worries about pollination, long fruiting season....why doesn't Cloud Mountain carry...

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Growing in Containers

We talk to many people these days that want to grow perennial and woody plants in containers. Maybe because they live in an apartment or condo, and don't have a yard, or because they find it easier to manage. But growing plants in containers is actually a little...

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Pear Trees Problems

We're hearing that many people are seeing problems on their pear trees this year. One pest that seems to be showing up is pear blister mite. This little mite overwinters in the bud scales on the trees, waking up as the trees break dormancy, then feeding on the leaves...

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Thinning Fruit

We cannot overemphasize the importance of thinning the young fruit on your trees. Now is a good time to start thinning. Early thinning can also help break the tendency of biennial (every other year) bearing that is common in some apple and pear varieties, and ensuring...

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Orchard Pest Worries

Even though it is early May, people are starting to worry about the two main summer orchard pests in apples- codling moth and apple maggot. The past couple of summers have been warmer than average, and in warm summers, these...

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Living with Deer

Deer are a fact of life for many of us. They are charming to look at, but they can wreak havoc in the garden. Not only do they browse the plants, but the bucks will quickly destroy a plant when rubbing their antlers during the late summer and autumn rut. How can you...

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Growing Figs in the Northwest

Though figs are of Mediterranean origin, they thrive and fruit well in the Pacific Northwest. They produce small embryonic fruit each year in late summer that over winters and ripens the following summer. They are self fertile. There are a few tips that can make a fig...

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Scouting for Pest Problems

Scouting One of the most important tools a gardener or orchardist has are his or her eyes. Scouting is the act of observation, with the intent of recognizing disease or pest hazards before they become critical. The idea is to act before too much damage is done. This...

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Encouraging Pollinators

Most people have heard the news that honeybees are in trouble in this country. If you've planted fruit trees in your garden, you have even more to worry about- who is going to pollinate those flowers so you get the bounty of fruit you were anticipating? What can you...

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Upright Fruiting Offshoot (UFO) Sweet Cherry Training

Many visitors to Cloud Mountain are intrigued by our 'cherry tunnel'. This upright fruiting system (UFO) is an unusual way of growing sweet cherries. It was initially developed for commercial growers, but can be adapted to home gardens and market farms as well. The...

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