Custom Fruit Tree Grafting

We will custom graft fruit trees for customers during the time we are summer budding (late July into August) or winter grafting (March-April, pome fruit only). Cost (2022) is $17 per tree due upon order. The tree goes home with the customer with instructions for after care and no guarantee. No refunds or replacements. For requests of large custom grafted orders (20 or more trees) please contact the Nursery a year ahead of time. Please call in custom grafted fruit tree orders to the Nursery to discuss availability. 360-966-5859 x 3

For dormant season grafting please have your order placed by March 1 so we can collect and store dormant scion wood. Grafting will take place in March/early April for April pick up. For summer budding place your order by July 15 for best availability. Summer budding will be done in August. During summer budding we can do both pome and stone fruit trees.

If bringing in scion of a variety you want grafted follow these instructions for harvesting scion wood.

  • Dormant season: Scion wood should be collected January-February. Choose vigorous, healthy, straight stems that grew last season.  Bring a few different size stems (roughly pencil diameter is ideal) to give us the best chance to match rootstock diameter. Scion wood can be stored up to 3 months in a humid and cold environment- do not store in an area that has stored apples as the ethylene gas produced by apples can cause the buds to abort. A damp paper towel in a sealed plastic bag in a refrigerator works well. If scion wood dehydrates or gets mildew while in storage your chances of success are lowered. Do not allow scion wood to freeze after it has been harvested off the tree.
  • Summer season: Make sure your tree(s) are well hydrated throughout the summer, choose vigorous, healthy, straight stems that grew this season. Cut budwood early in the day. Remove all leaves, leaving the petiole (leaf stem). Immediately put budwood into a plastic bag with a damp paper towel (to keep the humidity as high as possible), enclose fully and wrap tightly. Bring directly to Cloud Mountain while keeping wood cool. Bring a few different size stems (roughly pencil diameter is ideal) to give us the best chance to match rootstock diameter

We will not graft budwood that is in poor condition

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