Farmer Education

Farmers Roundtable, Market Farmer Workshops

The Farmer Roundtable Series is a collaboration with other local organizations to provide ongoing educational opportunities for local farmers which promote the viability of sustainably-minded farming in our region. This set of discussions is intended for the local agricultural community to have the opportunity to share their experiences related to a given subject while learning from their peers and professionals in fields related to agriculture. In addition to the roundtable series, Cloud Mountain Farm Center is offering a series of Organic Market Farmer Production Field Walks. We anticipate each session to last 1 ½ to 2 hours.

Growing Organic High Tunnel Crops for Market

Monday August 13 – 5pm

We will look at the strategies and practices uses in production of tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, and eggplant. Topics will include temporary tunnels, trellis construction, fertigation practices, disease management and harvest management.

Growing Organic Leafy Greens for Market

Monday July 9 – 5 pm

We will look at the mechanized high density production program we have developed over the last 5 years. Using smallish scale equipment we will walk through all the steps of production.

Growing Organic Peaches for Market Farmers

Monday July 16- 5 pm

This workshop is designed for farmers interested in adding peach trees into their production plans. Program will take place in the orchard where we will walk through our variety and production trials.

Growing Organic Seedless grapes for Market Farmers

Monday September 17- 4:30

With new varieties on the market and a proper trellis table grapes can be a very strong addition to the Market Farmer’s product offerings. We grow grapes in and outside of tunnels to help spread the season. Trellis systems, vine management and cultural practices are among the topics discussed.

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