Fireglow Japanese Maple


Acer palmatum ‘Fireglow’

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Intensely red leaves hold their color all summer. The fall color intensifies to bright crimson. This upright cultivar can take full sun, even reflected heat. Slow growing, its ultimate height is 10′. A Great Plant Picks.

Japanese Maple Notes
  • Acer palmatum, Acer shirasawanum, and Acer japonicum are all considered Japanese Maples
  • Japanese Maples require well drained soil with even moisture
  • Hardy to zone 5
  • Japanese Maples thrive in partial shade in most areas where they are hardy. In cool summer climates like the Pacific Northwest, most can be grown in full sun
  • Sizes given in descriptions are average sizes of a 10-15 year old tree, in average conditions. Our experience with growing Japanese Maples is in the cool maritime climate of the Pacific Northwest; They may grow differently in other climates.
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