Rhododendron Mardi Gras


Rhododendron Mardi Gras

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30″ 0ºF M 4/4/4
Large leaves have velvety undersides, and are topped mid-spring by 3″ wide, pink blushed white flowers, opening from rose pink buds. Easy and attractive. A Great Plant Picks selection.

Rhododendron Notes

After the name of each rhody or azalea, we have listed a series of numbers. First is the size of the plant in 10 years. Then, hardiness ratings in degrees Fahrenheit. Bloom times in our area:

  • VE- Jan-April 1
  • E- April 1-May1
  • EM- May1-May15
  • M- May 15-June1
  • ML-June 1-June 15
  • L- June15- July 1
  • VL- July 1- Aug

Our descriptions also include American Rhododendron Society ratings when possible. The three numbers (i.e. 3/4/4 ) rate the flower, plant, and performance in the garden. A ‘5’ is an excellent, but uncommon, rating. ‘3’ ratings are common, but a lower rating does not mean the plant is not worth growing. ‘-/-/-‘ indicates a rhododendron that has not yet been rated by the ARS.

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