Rhododendron Nancy Evans


Rhododendron Nancy Evans

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3′ 5ºF M 5/4/3-4
A rounded dense plant with beautiful foliage. Orange red buds open to amber yellow, then fade to golden yellow.

Rhododendron Notes

After the name of each rhody or azalea, we have listed a series of numbers. First is the size of the plant in 10 years. Then, hardiness ratings in degrees Fahrenheit. Bloom times in our area:

  • VE- Jan-April 1
  • E- April 1-May1
  • EM- May1-May15
  • M- May 15-June1
  • ML-June 1-June 15
  • L- June15- July 1
  • VL- July 1- Aug

Our descriptions also include American Rhododendron Society ratings when possible. The three numbers (i.e. 3/4/4 ) rate the flower, plant, and performance in the garden. A ‘5’ is an excellent, but uncommon, rating. ‘3’ ratings are common, but a lower rating does not mean the plant is not worth growing. ‘-/-/-‘ indicates a rhododendron that has not yet been rated by the ARS.

File:Rhododendron Nancy Evans (1) (8170868223).jpg” by Bernard Spragg. NZ from Christchurch, New Zealand is marked with CC0 1.0 .

Weight 1.0000 lbs

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