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Wine Making Class


Winemaking with NW WA Grapes Class

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This class is open to anyone wanting to learn the basic craft of small scale wine making. This is a lecture/demonstration/hands-on class where you will have the opportunity to participate in the making of wine.

Part 1: Before Harvest- September 7, 9am-Noon
Field evaluation of grapes; what do we mean by ripeness? We’ll discuss pest and disease management and growing healthy grapes. We’ll look at equipment and instruments for determination of ripeness and for grape processing. We’ll also include an overview of transformation of grape constituents into wine and basic wine chemistry

Part 2: Harvest, Crush, Fermentation- September 21, 9am-Noon
We will harvest and crush grapes and review the fermentation process

Part 3: Post Fermentation Activities- October 19, 9am-Noon
Topics will include malolactic fermentation, discuss barrel aging or using carboys, wine clarification, S02 management, and bottling.

Bruce Watson has been a driving force behind winemaking at Cloud Mountain from the start, and all his time has been volunteered. Bruce studied biochemistry and received a Ph.D. at the U. of Washington in 1975. He worked briefly in the retail wine trade before returning to academic science in 1977, where he worked on a variety of subjects. Bruce did his first harvest at Columbia Winery with David Lake in 1986 and was employed full time in wine quality management from 1988 to 2008, working with Columbia, Covey Run, Ste. Chapelle and Hogue. From 2009 to 2013 he taught Wine Science and Wine Chemistry and Microbiology at South Seattle CC. Bruce currently consults for several small Seattle area wineries and makes wine from Western Washington grapes at Cloud Mountain Farm Center. He has served on the Wine Research Advisory Committee since 2003.

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