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Elma’s Special European Plum Tree
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Probably an old variety called Sanctus Hubertus, historically grown in Bellingham in the 1930’s. Purple fruit is very high quality, freestone, medium to small. Fleshy, juicy, rich full flavor. Consistent heavy bearer. Excellent fresh or processed, exceptional dried and in jam. Ripens late July-early August. Needs another European plum variety is planted as a pollinizer.

Plum Notes

  • Plum trees are only shipped while dormant, from February through early April. They are available for pickup from February through late November.
  • Hardy to Zone 4
  • Most plums need a pollinizer. Check out our Plum Pollination and Rootstock Information Page
Rootstocks Available

Krymsk 86 SD, Krymsk 99 Dwarf, St. Julien A SD

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