Kolomitka Kiwi- male


Kolomitka Kiwi- male

Available for PICKUP ONLY

Male Pollinizes up to 8 September Sun (Arctic Beauty type) females. The male is particularly striking with its pink, white and green variegated leaves. Retains leaf color best when grown in partial shade in a cool location.

Kiwi Notes

Kiwis are vigorous vines that require a sturdy support system. Most require a male vine to pollinize up to eight female vines.

Available for pickup at the nursery from early February through the first weekend of November. Pre orders begin early January. Check website for updates.

  • Support on trellis or arbor
  • Space 10-15′ at plantings
  • Plant both female & male plants together for fruit production
  • One male plant will pollinize up to eight females
  • Hardy to Zone 2

Weight 1.0000 lbs

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