September Sun Kiwi – female


September Sun Kiwi – female

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Female Hardy to -40°F. These are the most ornamental vines of the kiwis we offer. The fruit is very high quality and the sweetest of the kiwis. It is also the smallest (3/4″ diameter). You can eat them like grapes, smooth skin. Ripens late August or early September. Compact vines are ideal for smaller locations.

Kiwi Notes

Kiwis are vigorous vines that require a sturdy support system. Most require a male vine to pollinize up to eight female vines.

  • Available for pickup at the nursery from early February through the first weekend of November. Pre orders begin early January. Check website for updates.
      • Support on trellis or arbor
      • Space 10-15′ at plantings
      • Plant both female & male plants together for fruit production
      • One male plant will pollinize up to eight females

      Hardy to Zone 2

  • Weight 1.0000 lbs

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