Making Bio-Active Teas & Extracts with Worm Compost and Microscopy

Sat, July 15 | 10:00am - 2:00pm
What are Bio-Active Compost Teas & Extracts? Biological liquids that come from compost that has been quality tested with a Microscope?! Microscopes have become more accessible/affordable and, with some practice, are quite easy to use (some even attach to your phone!). This hands-on class will go over what goes on in the soil food web, how to start and maintain a worm bin, how to make teas/extracts, and how to set up a microscope to assess soil biology. Worms will be available for sale for purchase.


Hunter Lydon fell in love with soil when he worked on farms along the west coast and began studying and practicing regenerative agriculture. He completed classes at Dr. Elaine Ingham’s Soil Food Web School and now runs Life in Soil, a soil health coaching/consulting business using soil health management to improve degraded land.

Making Bio-Active Teas & Extracts with Worm Compost and Microscopy

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