Intro to Shibori with Plant and Flower Dyes

8/27/23, 1:00pm - 4:00pm
The first part of the class will cover the history of shibori and all the different designs one can achieve with various methods. The second part will be a hands-on activity where you will design and dye several items with homemade plant dye vats. In-season plants may include Indigo, Coreopsis, and Cosmos. Experiment with different design elements and create some stunning, practical items to take home!


Priscilla Watson, of Grass Becomes a Wave, farms on Whidbey Island. She specializes in cut flower production, plant medicine and dye crops. Grass Becomes a Wave is a farm and studio aiming to discover and harness the healing power of plants through botanical skincare, medicine, dye crops and floral projects. Priscilla recently moved to Whidbey Island to begin a slower, more intentional chapter of her life. She meditated on what the Earth was asking her, and felt a very heavy feeling of responsibility, a calling to steward this land just as her ancestors had done so many years ago. This project is a dedication to them. She strives to remember, to witness, to honor and to heal her relationship to the land as a Black descendant of farmers.  
Instagram: grassbecomesawave
Intro to Shibori with Plant and Flower Dyes

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