Sunshine Blue Blueberry


Sunshine Blue Blueberry

Available for PICKUP ONLY

SELF FERTILE Midseason. This semi-dwarf, semi-evergreen blueberry is a compact bush to 3′ tall. Showy hot pink flowers yield large crops of high quality dime-sized fruit. Harvest can last 9 weeks. A Great Plant Pick.

Blueberry Notes

  • Available for pickup at the nursery from early February through the first weekend of November. Pre orders begin early January. Check website for updates.
  • Plant two varieties for pollination (except Self-fertile varieties)
  • Blueberries ripen July-August
  • Highbush mature at 5-6′ high
  • Compact highbush grow to 3-4′
  • Space 3′-4′ for Compacts, 4-6′ for Highbush
  • Dwarfs grow 10″ to 30″ high, space 1′-3′
  • Best in moist, acidic soil with no grass or weed competition
Weight 1.0000 lbs

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