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Applications Open for Community-Led Workshops at Cloud Mountain Farm Center 

1.30.24 Everson, WA – Cloud Mountain Farm Center is a non-profit farm and education center in Whatcom County dedicated to supporting a resilient, collaborative, and dynamic local food system. They are known as pillars of the agricultural and horticultural community through their on-site nursery and workshops. 

Cloud Mountain Farm Center’s Community-Led Workshop program kicked off in 2023, amplifying the skills and voices of community experts to widespread support and excitement. Cloud Mountain’s vision for these workshops was to provide folks with the opportunity to deepen their farm-based skills in a setting that was empowering, hands-on, and supportive.  

As Annika Sampson, Cloud Mountain’s Communications & Events Coordinator, explains, “Workshop participants benefited from the knowledge and experience of a wide variety of leaders in their fields, which included garden planning, basketry, herbalism, livestock processing, beekeeping, and more. Community-Led Workshops offered instructors a platform from which to share their passions, with the support of Cloud Mountain’s resources and infrastructure. This is a truly collaborative opportunity.”  

Cloud Mountain is currently accepting proposals for classes for the 2024 season. They will offer support in terms of planning, marketing, outreach, and workshop delivery, so those of all backgrounds and experiences are welcome to apply – from experienced educators to those looking to share their resources and abilities for the first time. 

Cloud Mountain is looking for courses that offer skill-driven experiences on topics that include, but certainly aren’t limited to, farm skills, livestock, processing and preservation, and artistry and creative skills. 

If selected, community-led workshop instructors will have access to Cloud Mountain facilities, including an indoor conference room and outdoor gathering area. Workshop proceeds will be divided with 80% direct to the farmer-educator and 20% to Cloud Mountain. To learn more, find answers to frequently asked questions, and submit your proposal, visit Cloud Mountain’s website. The deadline for applications is March 4, 2024. There are up to 10 spaces open in the workshop calendar. 

Cloud Mountain has been an evolving center of Whatcom County’s agricultural and horticultural community for almost fifty years, and they are excited to work with community members to transform their passion and skills into fully developed, well-publicized workshops for all to enjoy. 


Website: https://www.cloudmountainfarmcenter.org/community-led-workshops/  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CloudMountainFarmCenter 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cloudmountainfarmcenter/ 

Photo credit: Connor Harron 

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