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Harvest is upon us

With the warm, dry summer we've had, fruit is ripening up to three weeks ahead of "normal". For the last three years, our accumulated heat units are well above the historical average. Since many fruits ripen when they've experienced the right amount of heat, it is to...

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Permaculture Plants

“Permaculture is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems, which have the diversity, stability and resilience of natural ecosystems” -Bill Mollison The permaculture concept has gained quite a bit of popularity in recent years. From...

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Cover Crops for Home Gardeners

Thanks to Chris Benedict at WSU Whatcom Extension and his reminder to plan for cover crops in the recent edition of Whatcom Ag Monthly.  This time of year, farmers face decisions on which cover crops to plant for fall. Cover crops are frequently used to improve and...

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Apple Maggot Timing

People have starting asking us about when to spray for apple maggot. This is a complex pest to control in orchards and home gardens, so it is a good idea to understand its life cycle. Apple maggot, Rhagoletis pomonella, is a...

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Fruit Fly Maggots in Berries

It's summer fruit time, with strawberries at their peak, cherries just starting to ripen, currants and gooseberries turning color and raspberries on the horizon. I've had a couple of calls lately about worms in various berries last summer and how to prevent them this...

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Codling Moth Update

Hopefully many of you have played with the codling moth tracking tool we posted about last year, and are tracking a weather station near you, in hopes of controlling codling moth this summer. Watching the weather has been tricky this year, with temperatures...

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Mildew Explosion!

The past couple of weeks, people are really starting to see powdery mildew raise its ugly head. Powdery mildew is caused by fungus in the genus Podosphaera. Powdery mildew spores overwinter in the leaf buds of plants, and germinate just as the new shoots are emerging....

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Flower Thinning Fruit Trees

We've posted before about thinning out just set fruit on fruit trees. As the blossoms are pollenized and the fruit begins to grow, it gives off ethylene gas. If enough of this gas is released, either because thinning happened late or not at all, many fruit trees will...

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Apple and Pear Scab

The last two weeks have been both cool and rainy. With this kind of weather, we have our thoughts on fungal disease control in the orchards. One of the greatest challenges to growing apples and pears in our climate is scab, a fungal disease (Venturia inaequalis on...

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Peach Leaf Curl Resistance

The Center has an exciting new website that has a section entitled Growing and Variety Trials. This part of the website will over the next year begin to populate practical grower information on the numerous trials on going at the Center. Today I’ll outline some of the...

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Watching Bud Stages

It's the time of year that fruit trees are coming out of dormancy and buds are swelling. Using the swelling of bud to time preventative sprays is the most accurate way to control diseases on your fruit trees.                     By watching the buds on your fruit...

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Apple Maggot Update

We’ve had several customers call after noticing that their apples (or pears) have apple maggot in them this year. The most asked question is, “What can I do now to prevent this from happening next year?” We’ve posted in the past how to time sprays for apple maggot....

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