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This week we’re noting just how far ahead we are of last year at this time in terms of bloom and bud stages: peaches, plums and pears in particular are almost two weeks ahead of last year. Bloom time felt somewhat condensed on some of our plum varieties this spring. We’re looking at mild, warm temps ahead mostly, and are crossing our fingers to remain hard frost-free for the next two weeks.

Fruit/Bud/Tree Development

  • Table Grapes buds are swollen and showing some pink tissue.
  • Apples are between tight cluster to first pink on early season varieties (Early Mac, Zestar!, Red Alkamene), and pears are somewhere between tight cluster to first white on most varieties.
  • Our Hardy Giant sweet cherry is at the tight cluster bud stage and we’d expect to see first blooms opening by the end of this week.

Seckel Euro Pear at first white (pink)

Swollen bud showing pink tissue on Jupiter Table Grape

Pest & Disease

  • Signs of insect pest pressure on European pears – blossoms munched individually or entire clusters. We’ll keep an eye out for the culprits, but at this stage it’s not too worrisome given total tree fruit load potential. A good reminder, however, that if your trees are two weeks ahead insect pests might also be close behind.
  • Seeing the first signs of “dead bud” and initial leaf curl in peaches. Seeing minimal damage thus far, but this is something to keep an eye out for this time of year. Dead buds may be a result of pseudomonas, brown rot,  frost damage, or a combination. We will prune out diseased and damaged growth when we have a dry window (72hrs+).
  • Apple Scab prevention season is upon us – we’ll be doing our first organic apple scab spray of lime sulfur this week.

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