Updates From The Farm

The days warm up and become longer finally with overnight results in the garden!  It seems as if everything is growing at once from bulbs and perennials to shrubs, trees and especially weeds! Overwhelming is the term that comes to mind this time of year with where to begin in the garden. First, take a breath and enjoy how lush all that new growth is in this season of renewal, next, make a list and tackle what needs to be done.  Opening the soil up and allowing it to continue to warm should be first. Weeds are highly competitive and will rob nutrients and water from plantings. 

Cultivate and remove them now while they are still small and soft.  A general spring cleaning of old leaves and debris helps to show what is going on.  Adding a mulch or compost layer to the beds and around trees now will help regulate soil temperature and conserve water as temperatures start really warming up.

Next, take care of the pruning and shaping of trees and shrubs if you haven’t already.  Fruit trees are pushing new growth and flowering. In most cases now, it’s best to wait until after bloom to complete any thinning, but do take some time now to check for early insect or disease activity.  If you have questions and need some help with identification, come out to the nursery. All of us out here have training and experience to bring success.

Japanese Maples are some of the most beautiful small tree specimen choices for any garden around here.  Truly a four-season plant there is something happening all the time. Now is a wonderful time to take a look at the selections here at Cloud Mountain as the spring foliage emerges and how those colors will light up any space and any exposure.  As delicate as they appear, Japanese Maples are very adaptable and resilient to many soil conditions with minimal management. While we are still very fruit focused here with trees and small fruits now mostly in containers, our ornamental selections are coming out and looking great!

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