Updates From The Farm

The addition of small, fruit bearing shrubs into the garden is a great way to bring new textures and interest as well as production into an edible landscape.  One of the easiest to work into an ornamental garden are blueberries. Many varieties grow to a height of 5 to 6 feet making them a screen and small hedge. Most are deciduous, but some like Sunshine Blue keep their leaves year round and the brilliant fall colors are a big bonus for all varieties of blueberry. 

Currants and Gooseberries are wonderful fruit producing choices for a small garden because they will do well on almost any soil in our area. They tend to be more compact that blueberries and if you are looking for a fruit season schedule Currants and Gooseberries bear early beginning in late June through July just before your Blueberries. Some varieties do have thorns, so take that into consideration, but I think these shrubs may be easily worked into any area of the garden with good sun including containers. Come on out to the nursery to see all our selections and ask us about the possibilities!

Sunshine Blue Bluerberries

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