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Felco hand pruners would be welcomed by any gardener (hint: include a holster so they are harder to lose!). Felcos aren’t like any other hand pruner and are the most used and recommend by professionals. All parts are replaceable, blades can be easily sharpened by hand, and they come in a range of sizes perfectly suited and ergonomically fit for the righty or lefty on your Christmas list.

Bahco loppers for the orchard enthusiast- these are the loppers we use in our orchards [more info].

If you were to ask our farming guru which tool he uses the most, he’d tell you he can’t go without his multi-tool. Multi-tools, including Swiss army knives or Leatherman tools, are a handy resource for any farmer or gardener. From tightening screws, to cutting twine or loosing wiggle wire on the greenhouse, a multi-tool can make all the difference in making progress on the homestead smoother and more efficient.

We all know that record keeping can be the foundation of what makes a successful project achievable. A garden journal can be a fun way of tracking the success, and of course failures, that occur on in the garden each season to make the next season even more fruitful. There’s a myriad of different styles and formats of gardening journals at your local bookstore or online. Or try DIY garden journal

Hori Hori Knife

Seeder / Seed spacer

Garden Helper Coupon Book

    • seed swap date
    • 3 hours of weeding

gift card

      • cloud mountain
      • LFS
      • The ReStore
      • CHS
      • Hardware Sales
      • Any garden center

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