Updates From The Farm

Over the next few months, we will be reporting on Cloud Mountain Farm Center’s  most extensive project, a Leafy Greens Trial. In the fall of 2012, we began, in conjunction with WSU faculty, the first phase of a three year project. The goal of the first phase:

  • Identify leafy green varieties that are well suited to fall, winter and spring production in northwest Washington
  • Evaluate leafy greens for suitability for salad mix and braising mix
  • Develop production recommendations for open field production

Last fall were the first plantings at 2 Locations – WSU Mount Vernon NWREC and at Cloud Mountain Farm Center.  Ten varieties of leafy greens were planted in 3 replications with 3 planting dates, 2 weeks apart.  The  plots are 10 feet long, 1 bed wide, randomized within each replication.

Greens were harvested throughout the fall and winter and evaluated for days from planting to harvest.  Total yields of each variety were measured and weather data was compared at both sites.

We also taste tested the greens for consumer feedback with the help of the Community Food Coop.  Feedback so far has been very positive!

The work continues this spring, expanding the trials to other local farms.

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