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Kiwi berries in bloom.

This week we’re keeping busy with fruit thinning, strawberry harvest, starting some summer pruning on young apples, and doing some burning of left-over stone fruit prunings before the weather turns too dry for such things. We’ll also be doing some pest and disease control (oil on grapes, spinosad and oil on pome fruit, and leaf-removal on pears and ribes for fungal and insect control). What with the warmer temps mixed with moisture and rain events, we’re seeing a decent amount of fungal pressure recently out in the orchards, as well as a few proliferating insect pests (midges, aphids…).

Fruit/Bud/Tree Development

  • Kiwi berries are finally in full bloom! Just a couple days behind last year’s full bloom date.
  • Sweet Hardy Giant cherries are just beginning to color.
  • Fruit feels like it’s sizing very quickly this year what with the added soil moisture these last couple weeks. Pears, apples, and peaches are all around golf ball-sized.

Pest & Disease

  • Pear trellis rust is becoming noticeable. Bright orange spots on European pear leaves are hard to miss, and also difficult to control via sprays. Most organic fungicides we use don’t have much of an affect, and the main method of control previously has been to hand-remove leaves to prevent further proliferation of the disease.
  • We’re seeing what appears to possibly be a nutrient deficiency appear in some table grapes, particular Jupiter grapes. Older leaves are looking somewhat chlorotic and are also displaying some brown flecking. This seems to have developed rather quickly over the last week, perhaps accelerated by increasing temps and quick growth. Could possibly also have a fungal cause. More observation and research to come.
  • Coryneum blight (shot-hole blight) showing up on peach leaves – especially in our South Orchard zone. This pathogen is primarily controlled by fall and dormant season copper and anti-fungal sprays. If left uncontrolled it will also affect fruit – leaving small circular brown spots on fruit.

Pear trellis rust (early stage of infection)

What’s Ripe?

This week we’re harvesting: Strawberries

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